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Jerkmate’s 5 Romantic Camming Solutions to Valentine’s Day Lockdown

Can’t think of any ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable with COVID restrictions in place? We’ve got 5 unique ideas to make the most of the occasion!

Published On February 10, 2021
Written by: Jerky

Coming up with cool Valentine’s Day ideas can be stressful enough without worrying about the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. This year, things promise to be more than different. Jerkmate presents 5 unique ideas to make the most of your Lockdown Valentine’s Day.

A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

Though COVID-19 has been active for more than a year, this will be the first Valentine’s Day that’s truly affected by the pandemic. In normal times, Valentine’s Day is complicated enough to prepare for, unless you’re naturally creative and romantic. Nonetheless, certain classics rarely fail: flowers, chocolates, a candlelit dinner, fine wine, and you’re guaranteed a memorable evening followed by, hopefully, a night of passionate lovemaking.

Thanks to the pandemic, however, things are not quite as easy as that. Guys need to get extra creative this February 14, lest they want it to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Movie theatres, bars, cafes, and restaurants are all closed due to lockdown. So scratch those options off your list! If you don’t want Valentine’s Day to blow up in your face this year, you’ll need to think outside the box.

The clock is ticking. What can you do? Relax and take a deep breath. Jerkmate has several suggestions that will salvage your 2021 Valentine’s Day.

1 – Webcam Dinner Date

During the several pandemic lockdowns, couples have learned to enjoy dinner dates without leaving their respective homes. Distance means nothing in the era of COVID-19. Though it may feel weird at first, these are strange times we live in, and being able to adapt is key.

Order food from your favorite restaurant or prepare something in your kitchen. Choose to eat in front of the computer, or prop up your phone or tablet in front of your table setting. If you want the moment to last, you can prepare your meals, clear the table and even do the dishes together.

And if for whatever reason you can’t find a dinner date, there are plenty of Jerkmate cam models who would love to spend a romantic evening with you.

2 – Romantic Movie Night

When it comes to dating ideas, movie night never gets old. There’s nothing quite as connecting for a couple as sharing the action, tears, laughter, and suspense that a good film provides. But, since movie theatres are off-limits this year, you’ll have to try something different.

Luckily, modern technology makes it possible for two (or more) people to “co-watch” a film by sharing screens online. If you’re up for it, choose a romantic (chick) flick to get into the cozy Valentine’s Day mood.

3 – Music to Your Ears

Like films, music brings people together. No matter the situation or where you find yourself, music has the power to mark significant moments in our lives and create long-lasting memories. Do you and your partner share musical interests? Have you attended concerts together in the past? Consider making a playlist of your favorite albums and play it all night long.

Dance and sing together. Celebrate your passion for music and share an intimate moment of connection with your partner, sipping wine and nibbling chocolates while the sounds of the instruments make sweet love to your ears.

4 – Mutual Online Masturbation

Ah, mutual masturbation – the Jerkmate specialty! All you need for this are (1) a Jerkmate membership, (2) a credit card, and (3) a strong sexual appetite. Make your Valentine’s Day truly special by spending it in the company of a beautiful cam girl who’ll be happy to guide you through the most mind-blowing orgasms of your life!

5 – Roleplay with Jewelz Blu (Doctor Love)

If you’re all alone on Valentine’s Day, without a girlfriend or a partner, there’s no need to get down on yourself. Jerkmate models are always online, horny, and eager to please. Roam our immense selection of gorgeous women who are just as horny as you. They don’t like to be alone either, so why not keep each other company?

Jewelz Blue, aka Doctor Love, is one of the most talented roleplaying pornstars on Jerkmate. She’ll erase all feelings of loneliness from your heart and open your eyes to a world of virtual sex you never knew existed.

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