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Amber Paige

Amber Paige Profile and Career – Cam Girl Beauty Queen at Barely 19!

Published On April 6, 2021
Written by: Jerky

Enjoy an intimate look at Amber Paige. This 19-year-old British cam girl boasts one of the biggest fan followings in adult chats. Step inside Jerkmate as we take a close-and-personal peek at the life and career of the gorgeous Amber Paige. You’ll be amazed by what you learn!

Amber Paige

Amber Paige: The 19-Year-Old Cam Beauty

Say Hello to Amber Paige, a gorgeous brunette cam girl from the East of England. Only 19 years old and already one of the most popular performers working in live sex cams. Indeed, Amber Paige has thousands of fans around the globe, all waiting anxiously for her next show!

Before becoming a cam model, Amber Paige worked for a while as a restaurant manager. She got into Cams in May 2020. Of course, today it’s her full-time job. And YES, she absolutely loves it! The two things she enjoys most about camming are getting creative with her shows and chatting with tons of people every day. It truly makes every workday an adventure.

Her career has taught Amber to appreciate her many raw and hidden talents. Though she’s had countless weird requests from many fans, perhaps the weirdest of all was a guy who just wanted her to listen to him walking around his kitchen while wearing high heels. Talk about odd!

Amber Paige

Sexy Cam Shows for Everyone

Amber Paige’s shows are unique. They can be described as naughty and fun. The naughtier the viewers, the naughtier her performance! That’s how it works when Amber interacts with the public – the synergy between an artist and her fans! Her signature move is a combination of naked twerking while getting buzzed at the same time.

Luckily, as Amber Paige is into a lot of different things, she can easily enjoy herself with different types of guys. Fans know that about her and it’s one of the biggest reasons why she’s so popular and successful.

Before a cam show, Amber’s routine goes something like this: do her makeup at home, pack her stuff, and drive to the studio. Then, right before logging on, have a chat with one of the other girls and maybe one of the producers. Her favorite post-show activity is getting a good night’s rest when her work is done.

Amber Paige

Private and Personal Life of Amber Paige

When it comes to vibrators, Amber Paige prefers her buzz toy. It’s her all-time-favorite sex toy! The sexiest part of her body, according to most of her fans, is her perfect round ass! She loves to twerk it and shake it on webcam for all to enjoy.

Her two favorite hobbies are pole dancing and hitting the gym for a workout. For Amber Paige, Pole dancing is more than a hobby, it’s a passion! She practices it whenever she can and is constantly pushing herself to the limit. When the weather starts to gets warm, she loves playing golf in the sun.

Amber Paige’s favorite food is Mexican and her favorite drink is a Porn Star Martini. She has only one tattoo on her hip. Her favorite place to visit in the world is be Bali, Indonesia.

Amber Paige is a Gemini.

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