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Discover the best interactive sex game

Command & Obey: Discover the best online interactive sex game

Find out everything you should know about Jerkmate’s hot interactive sex game! The best free online porn game to keep you entertained for hours. Are you ready to play?

Published On November 15, 2023
Written by: Jerky

Online sex games: The best free interactive porn experience

Interactive sex game

Have you heard of Command & Obey? If yes, you already know how amazing Jerkmate’s free porn game is. If not, this is THE moment for you to get your hands on this hot interactive adult experience! 

Command & Obey could be described in three words: free, interactive, and mind-blowing. If you’ve ever dreamed of making your favorite pornstar obey your every order, this is your chance to bring your fantasies to reality. 

Try Command & Obey now!

This completely exclusive sex game allows you to command the pornstar of your choice to obey the action of your choice. Action selection varies from porn star to porn star: some show off their blowjob skills, some play with their pussy, and some put their feet right in your face if that’s what you fantasize about. The world of games is stepping up to a whole new level. Will you join in?

It’s like having your very own porn scene where you’re the director AND scene partner. The best part? It’s free to use! You can select up to 3 actions without having to sign in, but creating your Jerkmate account is where the real games fun begins.

After signing in to your account, enjoy unlimited sex actions and surprise secret actions. Good news: signing in is easy and allows you to enjoy endless perks. Want to learn more about them? Discover 6 benefits of upgrading your account to Premium.

The Best Online Interactive Adult Game

If you’ve watched a porn video, you might’ve found that the model didn’t necessarily do the things you wanted to see her do or didn’t follow your rhythm. 

If you’ve ever watched a live show, you might’ve wished it was more personalized to your needs without spending hundreds of tokens in one session.

This is where Jerkmate’s Command & Obey sex game comes into play. It’s one of the best customized games out there: for once, you get to decide precisely how your jerking off experience happens. It’s like directing your own porn video every time. 

You get to press play on sexy girls waiting to give you full control of their sex life

No matter your preference, there’s an action to bring it to reality in our interactive adult game. There are MILF models, trans pornstars, cosplay hentai scenes… You can even select a couple and watch them please each other according to your commands! Imagine the perfect blowjob done just for you, whenever and wherever you want. 

Categories span over anal, hardcore BDSM, XXX girls fun, big tits fucking, school girl fantasy, blonde beauties… It’s the best POV fun you’ve ever seen in your life. And there’s no need to leave the Jerkmate website - it’s all available directly on your HTML browser without any downloads. Trust us: you’ve never played something like this. It’s time to start! 

Just picture yourself getting the chance to read your dream porn story over and over again, except there’s no reading involved, only pure sex right before your eyes. Watch your favorite pornstar fuck while YOU call the shots!

command and obey with over 100 pornstars

Over 100 pornstars ready to fuck at your command

That’s right: over 100 Command & Obey profiles are available for you to browse exclusively on Jerkmate. Whether you’re into guys, girls, trans, or couples, there’s something out there to fulfill your wildest fantasies. We even have cosplay profiles with hentai actions to get your head spinning (and your cock hard). 

These pornstars are experts at sucking dildos, playing with their pussy, showing you their anal skills, edging you on, and begging you for help getting off. They’re horny, wet, and waiting for you! There are curvy beauties, hentai cosplayers, Ebony pornstars, blondes, brunettes, redheads… Big boobs, small tits, and bouncing asses are all categories available whenever you want! 

To guide you in finding the perfect Command & Obey adult game profile for you, here are our top 5 most popular choices to get you started. Meet some hardcore sex fans looking to give you the POV experience of your life. Start browsing now.

Jade Kush and Avery Black

Avery Black & Jade Kush

If you’re into lesbian fuck scenes, this couple profile is perfect for you. Sexy Asian girls Avery Black and Jade Kush are ready to play with each other’s pussy at your command. They’ll show off their asses and tits, lick each other’s pussy, scissor and use a double-ended dildo just for you. It’s a virtual fuckfest! 

Sign in, and you’ll get access to extra actions such as squirting, dancing, pussy playing, and a secret bonus option! It’s so hot you’ll barely be able to get through every action. Will you take up the challenge?

adriana chechik

Adriana Chechik

Worldwide sensation Adriana Chechik is one of the most famous pornstars out there, and she’s waiting to play with YOU! Brunette beauty Adriana has many options available for you to play in the best porn game you’ve ever tried. 

Get the best adult interactive experience by making Adriana play with her feet, give a blowjob, show her ass, dance, play with her tits, touch her pussy, and slap her ass. She’ll even lick and kiss with extra features! 

Play with Adriana for free and listen to her telling you exactly what she wishes you would do to her.

blonde threesome

Sky Pierce, Melody Marks, and Paris White

No, you’re not seeing triple! 3 sexy blondes beauties are waiting for you to join them. Play with Sky Pierce, Melody Marks, and Paris White for free now! They’ll tickle each other, use sex toys, show their asses, touch their pussies, and kiss and lick each other just for you, among other options! 

If you’re into beautiful blonde women, this trio is the perfect game choice for you. It’s the lesbian threesome you’ve been dreaming of because it’s happening according to YOUR commands! Create your very own girl on girl story now.

Lala Ivey

lala ivey

Ebony curvy beauty Lala Ivey is waiting for you to join the game. She’s the character you’ve been waiting for in the best interactive adult game on the market! Lala is horny and waiting to play with her pussy, show her ass, and use a vibrator while talking to you and you only. All for free!

She even has a bonus option in store for you if you sign in. Will you take her up on that virtual offer? She wanted to be played with! Command Lala now and enjoy the best sex game you could dream of.

Riley Reid

riley reid

Riley Reid is a petite XXX brunette beauty who’s ready to play with you. She’s into hardcore BDSM, squirting, sex toys, feet, and more. Watch her play with her small tits and show off her blowjob skills at your command. 

She loves to suck dick, and there’s no better place to do it than in your own interactive game. The only views this porn scene is getting are from your eyes! No one else gets that same experience because it’s your own personal interactive sex game. Are you ready to play?

Try it now and find your dream cosplay or sex-hungry pornstar right now! There are countless options available where you’re on top and get the virtual meet-up of your life. Are you ready to take the world of sex games by storm? Make them obey your will, and you’ll never look back.

View the world of interactive adult games differently today by playing all our categories. In a flash, you might meet the pornstar of your dreams.

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