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Iamhely exposed in exclusive profile


Enjoy an intimate look at IamHely, today’s trendiest French-Canadian babe! Read her story & get a taste of the fun you can have together on Jerkmate!

Published On July 11, 2022
Written by: Jerky

Meet IamHely, a rising Jerkmate legend!

Even though Jerky knows hundreds of sexy cam girls worldwide, rare are the ones who are as hot and kinky as IamHely.

Her gorgeous face, huge tits, hot tattoos and unique sex drive have been conquering the hearts and dirty minds of an ever-growing fanbase, and it seems nothing can stop her!

It’s no surprise that XBIZ WORLD refers to her as “a masterpiece of inked artistry” in her latest interview. Everything IamHely does in her live cam shows is magic, and every single part of her body seems specially designed to provoke horniness and intense orgasms.

Here’s the story behind IamHely’s skyrocketing fame, which exposes the reasons why our naughty French-Canadian babe has become the new live cam sensation! 

Note: We recommend having a tissue box at hand.

Iamhely exclusive profile interview bio

From Helene to IamHely: How it all started

The year was 2021. IamHely was completing her degree in Montreal and posted a naughty graduation picture on her OnlyFans, where she was already experiencing a certain level of success.

That post was the match that would set the whole Internet on fire in the following days, weeks and months. Her lovely pic made a huge buzz all over social media and even got her invited on two major TV shows.

So although IamHely already knew good success, her fame exploded at that point, and so did the collab opportunities. Since then, she just never stopped making a name for herself.

From Montreal to Worldwide: How she gained fame

IamHely’s picture went viral, her face and tits became world-famous, but that wasn’t enough for our boss babe. 

She knew that only sustained hard work and finding the right partners would be the keys to boosting her exposure and achieving unparalleled success.

This is where FansRevenue comes in. 

IamHely had heard about this new fanbase monetization platform for models and content creators and felt it was a perfect match for her ambitions… and she was right!

In a few weeks, FansRevenue helped her diversify her income streams with additional business opportunities and assisted her in the development of her personal brand and content strategy through:

  • Additionnal revenue & exposure opportunities
  • Exclusive brands & offers to promote
  • An easy to use all-in-one App
  • A custom Bio Link Tool
  • Dedicated 360 support

Working with them enabled IamHely to go from local to international in no time, expanding her fame outside of Quebec to other parts of Canada and other countries, such as France and the USA.

Soon enough, she would be on XBIZ WORLD’s cover page and see the collab opportunities boom.

Fansrevenue introduced IamHely to Jerkmate and helped her make over $100k in less than a year shooting live shows and sponsored content, which she monetizes through her FansRevenue link.

Iamhely sexy underwear pic

“FansRevenue is da bomb! That’s all I have to say. These guys are just amazing! They’re always on the watch to bring me additional collab opportunities with amazing brands or other rising stars!” – IamHely

Iamhely uses FansRevenue

Her tips for aspiring cam models & content creators

IamHely hopes she’s blazing a trail for more content creators to join FansRevenue and Jerkmate, where rewarding opportunities and dedicated support await them.

Her approach so far has been to spark controversy and give everyone a reason to react to her content (even the haters). Her motto is: there's no such thing as bad publicity!

Of course, being authentic and knowing your worth are crucial keys to success, but not only.

According to IamHely, scheduling as much as possible is essential to maintain a good work-life balance, and knowing the limitations and rules of each social media platform can avoid a lot of headaches and account bans. 

Working too much is like not working enough, so you have to think about yourself and know your limits. 

And ultimately, teaming up with FansRevenue is a surefire way to go further, faster and stronger than alone in the wild.

From Anal to Squirt: What makes IamHely special

If we had to define IamHely with one word, it would be variety.

By joining her live cam shows or watching her exclusive videos, you can enjoy many kinks and fantasies, including lesbian, anal, threesome, orgy, BDSM, roleplay, squirt and beyond!

But what makes IamHely really stand out is her originality and desire to push back the limits of live cam sex with unique performances.

From stuffing gummies in her ass to fucking herself with a huge dildo in a latex suit, the only limit is her dirty imagination, and what we’ve seen so far makes us think it's limitless

So missing out on her live performances feels like you’re the last to hear the news since each live show attracts more people, who then talk about it for weeks!

On the other hand, joining IamHely on Jerkmate for an epic live cam show allows you to witness and be part of some of the naughtiest stuff ever, which often becomes viral overnight.

The reason is simple: What happens in a live cam show is up to your requests and tips!

So next time you see IamHely online on Jerkmate, make sure to tell her what’s on your dirty mind.

You won’t regret it!

What will come next

For the months to come, IamHely plans to diversify her content even more across her platforms and put more effort into Twitter, Youtube and TikTok. 

She would also love to get a collab in the USA and perform with major pornstars. There are so many talented people out there she wants to work with!

iamhely exclusive quote interview

“I want to keep sparking horniness and achieve international fame with creative content that leaves my fans speechless.” – IamHely

So stay tuned and hold on tight; it seems we haven’t seen anything yet!

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