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In this series, Jerky shares a selection of hot stats & facts that reflect our community’s diversity & the range of possibilities at your fingertips!

Published On May 20, 2022
Written by: Jerky

Welcome to Jerkmate Insights Episode #1!

Jerky knows a great deal about sex fantasies, fetishes, and kinks, to say the least!

As your personal assistant, our beloved robot thrives on using its intelligence to make your wildest dreams come to life.

If you’re already a Jerkmate member, you surely have an idea of the wide range of exciting possibilities available to you through live sex cams and adult chat rooms.

Otherwise, this article will provide a naughty preview of what awaits you!

Either way, we hope the following insights will convince you that Jerkmate is the perfect place for everyone to get horny and masturbate with hundreds of cam models.


Insight #1: Age Distribution

Jerkmate insights

Over the last year, Jerky has helped millions of members of all ages fulfill their fantasies with adult cam partners who match their tastes and preferences. 

When looking at the breakdown by age, it is interesting to note that Gen-Z members (18-24) form only a slim majority in our community (29%) and that the average age is rather around 36.

According to a recent survey from Trojan, 36% of young adults aged 18-24 have reported masturbating more often since social distancing began. 

In 2020, the NYC Health Department followed the lead of health organizations worldwide and added virtual sex, including live sex cams and adult chat rooms, to its recommendations for safer sex

What happened next was rather predictable: millions of people started exploring their sexuality with someone virtually, both in the name of prevention and curiosity!

As a result of this phenomenon, the proportion of Jerkmate members aged 45+ has grown to almost one-third (30%) of our community.

The taboo of live sex cams is thus fading among all generations!

Insight #2: Gender Distribution

Jerkmate insights

Jerkmate’s overall gender distribution shows female members make up 31% of our community. 

Interestingly enough, this ratio increases among older age groups and reaches 38% female members against 62% male members aged 45-54

Another 2020 Trojan survey suggests that including masturbation in self-care routines can help increase personal pleasure and satisfaction. 

Furthermore, 47% of women who masturbate more than once a week reported masturbation is very pleasurable and contributes to healthy relationships and satisfying sex lives. 

Even though men are almost twice as likely to report masturbating at least once a week, women are more likely to recognize masturbation as an important source of pleasure and satisfaction.

In other words, men are more likely to perceive masturbation as a source of relief.

The recognition of masturbation as a source of satisfaction and overall happiness seems to increase with age among women, as the taboo of female sexual pleasure slowly fades away, partly thanks to an infamous pandemic.

Insight #3: Preferred Device

Jerkmate Insights

Jerky helps most members find their ideal masturbation partner on mobile (76%), while 21% prefer to sit back and enjoy a desktop live sex cam experience.

The popularity of mobile on Jerkmate reaches its peak among members aged 35-44 (84%) and drops down to 58% among members aged 65+ years old. 

Surprisingly, Gen Z members win the bronze medal for desktop use (20%) while the most aged members strike double-gold on desktop (37%) and tablet (5%). 

Technological knowledge and accessibility concerns can largely explain this phenomenon, but the preferred time of day at which members enjoy Jerkmate may also be a factor.

Insight #4: Preferred Time of DaY

Jerkmate Insights

According to Jerky, men are early birds, and women are night owls on Jerkmate!

The average prime time for a wank session among male members is 8 AM, even though men aged under 45 seem to prefer end-of-day self rewards.

Women are more inclined to revenge bedtime procrastination and reduce their sleep time to engage in self-care activities they couldn’t include in their hectic routine.

Boomers have a penchant for starting the day with a bang on Jerkmate before going on with their retired activities and typically have more time to get comfy with a tablet or desktop computer. 

Gen Z & Gen Y members plan their intimate moments as the cherry on top of their busy days and are more inclined to use their mobile phones for a quick orgasm before dinner or sleep.

Insight #5: Top Searches

Jerkmate Insights

There’s something about Indian cam models Jerky can barely explain… they’re just so hot!

While men and women agree that squirt and femdom are major turn-ons, Jerkmate male members are generally more into BDSM and foot fetishism

On the women’s side, members are very fond of deepthroat skills and anal play, especially with sexy outfits.

What do all Jerkmate members have in common? 

They know what turns them on and are not afraid to explore sexual fantasies online.

Insight #6: Most Popular Cam Girl Categories

Jerkmate Insights

When it comes to horny cam girls, Jerkmate members have sophisticated tastes! 

Last year’s trendiest categories suggest that Jerkmate members are craving more diversity. 

Asian and Ebony cam girls are currently Jerkmate’s MVPs, according to millions of horny members.

The emergence of Granny and Mature categories among members over 35 also highlights a curiosity towards live cam sex with experienced women, if not a desire to explore sexuality with performers of the same age or older.

Insight #7: Most Popular Cam Guy Categories

Jerkmate insights

Size matters, huh?  At least it does for online masturbation!

Big Cock is the #1 most popular category for cam guys on Jerkmate, all ages combined!

A lower amount of female members among Gen Z and Gen Y members may explain why Straight male cam models gain popularity as we move up in age groups.

And while Gay cam guys are smash hits with most generations of members looking for cam guys, the younger half of Gen X  (35-44) have a slightly higher preference for Black male performers or the grown-man charm and sexual matureness of Daddy cam guys.

Jerkmate: A Place for Everyone

Jerkmate Insights

Last but not least, we couldn’t end this episode without mentioning the huge gain in popularity of Trans (+437%) models and Couples (+528%) on Jerkmate!

Jerkmate is a safe and secure place where everyone can chat, interact and explore sexual fantasies with masturbation partners from all walks of life, anonymously or identified through live cam-to-cam sex sessions. 

You can join live cam shows on your own or double the fun with a “cam-to-cam foursome” by inviting a real-life partner to join the party!

Through all the possibilities available to you, Jerky wishes to celebrate diversity and provide LGBTQIA+ people with more satisfying and sexually empowering experiences than they can wish. 

Stay tuned for more hot facts and stats in our next episode of Jerkmate Insights!

Diversity is sexy and so are you! 

So why don’t you come over here and have some live cam fun?

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