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The Role of Sexual Roleplay in Live Cams

The Role of Sexual Roleplay in Live Cams

Published On July 22, 2020
Written by: Jerky

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Before getting into the concept of sexual roleplay and all it entails, it’s necessary to first have a clear understanding of the term “roleplay” in a general sense. Roleplaying (or role-playing) means imitating the personality, dialogue and behavior of someone other than yourself: a character. This character can be fictional, historical or original – completely invented by the player. Roleplay may include the following:

  • Dressing up in costumes
  • Using props and accessories
  • Speaking in a specific language
  • Pre-establishing game rules
  • Finding the ideal setting/location

In short, roleplay can be defined as acting or “playing a role” to fulfill a social purpose. It’s important to remember that, when participating in roleplaying, what you don’t say is just as important – or more so – than what you do. Sustaining a pattern of behavior to match the context of the setting is also significant. For a lot of people, playing a character completely different from themselves can go a long way toward helping them overcome inhibitions. It allows for the opportunity to try things they’re too shy or embarrassed to do themselves, but which come natural to their character in the game.

The Role of Sexual Roleplay in Live Cams


Sexual roleplay is playing the role of a character within a sexual context. It allows two or more people to act out their private, and often taboo, fantasies while engaging in sexual activity. It’s a natural, fun way to enjoy sex with someone you love and trust, where players can express their fantasies and desires without fear of judgment or shame.

Besides being lots of fun, sexual roleplay is unique in that it combines the emotional effects of artistic expression with the therapeutic benefits of sexual liberation. Regardless, when it comes to the various types of sexual roleplay, everyone’s experience varies. How seriously someone takes the game depends entirely on the participants. Costumes, props and scripts may be involved though they’re not mandatory. Roleplaying may also involve bdsm elements such as dominance, submission, humiliation and obedience. On the other hand, it may be something quite as simple and innocent as asking your girlfriend or wife to dress up in a sexy cheerleader outfit before you have sex.

Many people regard sexual roleplay as a form of therapy utilized to overcome inhibitions and anxieties, as well as to discover new sources of pleasure and relight the flame of a lagging relationship. Players will usually agree on a setting they find stimulating: first date, pickup at a bar, naughty teacher, just to name a few ideas. For more fun and a better overall experience, players are encouraged to get creative and experiment with their dirty thoughts. No matter how or who you play with, roleplaying always starts in the same place: your imagination.

When it comes to roleplaying fantasies, interchanging dominant and submissive roles between you and your partner is always a possibility and is in fact encouraged as a way to explore your sexuality.

Here are a few examples of sexual roleplay you can find on Jerkmate:

  • Doctor 

    Are you feeling alright? It looks like you need a physical examination. Luckily, we happen to know the kinkiest doctor in town. Doctor Blu will see you now. Let her take care of you. She is here to make you feel better and fulfill all of your desires. You may not have a fever, but the heat is definitely rising here!
  • School Girl

    She wears a white button-down shirt and a plaid skirt… makes you feel like being 18 again! School is in session, but you’ve obviously ditched class for some naughty one-on-one tutoring. She’s first in her class, and she’s going to help you with that sex ed. quiz. Ready for your lesson?
  • Housewife 

    “Honey, I’m home!” Your housewife has been waiting for you all day, and you are finally home. Let her fix you up. Get comfortable, undo your tie, and enjoy the show. She’s been planning to seduce you and so much more. Tonight is going to be one for the ages. You might need to take a day off!
  • Dominatrix

    Mistress of pleasure and mistress of pain! This girl got character, a lot of leather, and plenty of toys. Choose your safe word carefully, but let’s be honest, you will never use it.
  • Gamer

    Rather on Jerkmate than on Twitch, our Gamer girl likes playing video games, but most importantly, with herself. She’s turned on and ready to go. Are you game?
  • Princess Zelda

    Forget the cute, innocent Princess Zelda. Here on Jerkmate, Princess Zelda is HOT, funny, totally slutty, and likes to suck on dildos. We’ve all dreamed of jumping on that, and now Jerkmate makes it possible.

Play with Jewelz Blu dressed as your favorite character, and let her fulfill your wildest fantasies!

Why Sexual Roleplay Can be Healthy for a Relationship


For first-timers, sexual roleplay may seem awkward, absurd and even a tad silly. Some people will be put off by it altogether, especially since it requires certain amount of patience, practice and creativity. It’s either for you, or it isn’t. That said, sexual roleplay can be very healthy for relationships. Not only can it greatly improve your sex life, but it can also serve as a deep healing experience that will strengthen your relationship, creating a deeper sense of emotional and physical intimacy with your partner.

Thanks to sexual roleplay we can express ourselves in ways we never imagined possible. This is particularly true when compared to conventional sex. For example, just because you want to experience a bisexual roleplaying fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean you have bisexual inclinations. Moreover, acting as if you’re someone else during sex does not mean you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with your sex life. Far from it. Sexual roleplay is about exploring yourself while building trust and mutual respect with your partner. Basically, it includes all the ingredients of a healthy relationship.


With the rise of the internet came a wave of live cybersex sites, such as, that revolutionized the world of sex. Live, interactive and relationship-based, these adult chats flipped the adult industry on its head, allowing users to interact directly with performers in real-time through high-definition webcam feeds. Thanks to camming, men could now chat live and direct on camera with thousands of beautiful women from all over the world, amateurs and professional alike, all willing to act out their wildest roleplaying fantasies before their eyes. After adult sex cams, sex would never again be the same.

Naturally, sex cams opened the door to endless opportunities for sexual roleplay online. Interestingly enough, in today’s connected world, many people prefer virtual relationships to real-life relationships. Roleplaying scenarios online are safer, anonymous and much more diverse. Before the internet, most people had limited opportunities to engage in sexual roleplay, but with the introduction of adult chats, their options became practically limitless.

In today’s modern world, escaping reality by roleplaying in live chat rooms is one of the most popular forms of adult entertainment. It should be noted, however, that not all cam models are open to sexual roleplay. It requires a special kind of performer who is naughty, creative and open-minded to engage in exciting and believable roleplay.

Though it’s true that, during their shows, all cam girls participate in sexual roleplay to a certain degree, few are the models who actually advertise “roleplay” as one of their true skills. For some models “acting” on camera is simply not something they feel comfortable doing. To enjoy sexual roleplaying online, first you must find the right cam partner. This may require trial and error, time and patience, but in the end it will be worth the effort.


BDSM and Sexual Roleplay

Experience shows that sexual roleplay will usually involve some form of BDSM (bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism). In fact, roleplay is considered an essential component of BDSM and it typically features one person exhibiting dominance over another. In some instances, the scenarios are simple and improvised. Other fantasies, however, may require preparation, stylish costumes, safe words, various props or prearranged scripts. The idea is to pretend to be somebody you aren’t. The rules of the roleplay fantasy are entirely up to you and your companion. So get creative!

Popular BDSM roleplaying costumes include:

  • Nurse outfit
  • Cheerleader uniform
  • Police uniform
  • French maid outfit
  • Schoolgirl uniform
  • Catwoman mask and costume
  • Black lingerie with harness
  • Cowboy getup
  • Belly dancer costume
  • Full-body latex suit
  • Steampunk costume
Master vs. Slave, Top vs. Bottoms, Dominant vs. Submissive


At the center of every BDSM roleplaying couple is the balance of power, or in other words, the relationship between master and slave. The dominant player (also known as the “Top”) holds the power and commands the game. Conversely, the submissive players (referred to as the “Bottom”) is at the mercy and will of their master throughout the session. Luckily, the relationship status of each partner is not set in stone, and it’s possible for couples to alternate between dominant and submissive roles. To do so is called a “switch.”

Switching between dominant and submissive roles means receiving pleasure from being in control and by being controlled by someone else. Most individuals who indulge in BDSM roleplaying begin by identifying as dominant or submissive. Later on, after they’ve acquired experience, they realize they’d like to try their hand at role reversal. It’s all about seeing how the other half lives, and it’s perfectly natural. After all, BDSM roleplaying exists to help us explore and express our sexuality, which evolves as we try new and interesting things.

A master-slave relationship, or contract, should be negotiated between two consenting adults. It won’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience and trust to iron out the details and build the type of relationship where you can be honest and straightforward about how much power one member holds over the other and during which situations. In short, safe bdsm roleplaying requires responsibility. Only when both players feel entirely comfortable and trust each other completely can they experience the roleplaying fantasies they crave.


Roleplaying enthusiasts can rejoice!

Modern technology has elevated sexual roleplay to fascinating new heights. Thanks to adult webcam sites, men and women around the world can participate in roleplaying fantasies that before were only that – fantasies. Nowadays all it takes is finding the right webcam site and model. Keep in mind, however, that it may require several private shows with a specific model before you can begin establish the trust (and rules) necessary for a satisfying roleplaying experience.

As the consumer (user), you should be absolutely clear about what you seek in a roleplaying relationship. Preferably the cam girl must be a moderately talented actress and should, of course, possess an affinity toward sexual roleplaying. Carefully check off these two boxes when searching for a cam partner and you might find yourself a roleplaying cam match made in heaven!

That said, some adult chats contain a larger selection of roleplaying cam models than others. At, for example, we cater to fans of the interactive masturbation fantasy, where two or more individuals hook up through webcams and jerk off simultaneously, watching each other and edging each other on all the way to the climax. The user does not always need to “play a role” per se or even reveal himself to the performer. It can be done in secret. In this case, it’s usually the model who does the actual roleplaying on camera by acting the part of submissive slave while the user wields the power.

Feel free to get creative with your private shows and, once you’ve found a trustworthy and caring companion, attempt new things you might not do in real life. Why not, we only live once!

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