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Tips to Become Your Favorite Cam Girl’s # 1 Fan!

To fully enjoy the best live sex cam experience, it’s essential for cam models to feel comfortable in your presence. It’s even better if they like you back! In this article, Jerkmate shares tips and advice on becoming your favorite cam girl’s most appreciated fan.

Published On May 17, 2021
Written by: Jerky

Finding and selecting the ideal cam girl is a personal matter

Everyone has different tastes, fetishes, and fantasies they’d like to explore. Thus, a perfect experience for one adult chat user could be less than optimal for the next. Likewise, cam models are all different; no two are ever the same. They differ in appearance and personality but also in skills, attributes, passion, and experience.

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If you want to be a cam girl’s number one fan, the first thing to do is find the perfect match. But with thousands of performers working in the sex cam industry, it’s easier said than done. Additionally, the best match is not always the most popular or the highest-rated model. It’s important to bond and to feel comfortable with her. Share your thoughts and fantasies, and get to know each other on a physical and emotional level.

Be Respectful

To get on a cam girl’s good side, it’s a smart idea to be kind and act accordingly. Sounds obvious, right? Still, you’d be surprised by how many members overlook this simple, obvious fact. For your favorite cam girl to like you, she needs to respect you. But to earn respect, you must show respect. It means being polite, friendly, and patient. This is a human experience; let’s not forget it!

Cam models are sex work professionals, but they’re also people with feelings and emotions. They want to laugh and enjoy themselves. They want to feel special, beautiful and appreciated. Most of the time, the best approach is to be yourself.

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Spend quality time with your favorite cam girl

What does “quality time” mean? Exactly what you think: enjoying one-on-one private shows with the model of your dreams! It means taking advantage of every opportunity to interact with her on a webcam, no matter the time or place, and making each moment fun and memorable.

When it comes to experiencing “quality time” with your favorite cam girl, there are several avenues to pursue. Private shows, of course, are the best option. But Jerkmate offers various types of cam shows. They’re all exciting and fulfilling in their own right, though each for different reasons.

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Public – Free chat rooms anyone can enter, including non-members of the site.
Gold Show – Prepaid shows that last for a specific amount of time.
Private – Pay-per-minute chats that users can join.
True Private – Exclusive private shows between only the member and model.

For building repertoire with a performer, we highly recommend True Private shows. Though the most expensive form of entertainment members can access, they’re also the most private, personal, and intimate.

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Show Your Support

There are several ways to show support for your favorite cam girl. The most direct method is by joining her Fan Club. It carries an additional price, but you’ll get access to exclusive content and receive special privileges. Another way is to add her channel to your list of favorites by clicking on the heart icon in the top-right corner of her chat room. Last but not least, turn on the Active Notification (stay in touch option) and receive messages directly to your mobile or inbox whenever she’s online.

Keep Up With Her Latest News

This one is self-explanatory and something every fan should know. To show appreciation for your favorite cam girl–and become her number one fan–make sure to subscribe to all her social media channels. By doing so, you’ll prove your loyalty and fandom while staying up to date with the latest developments about her cam porn career. It’s the ultimate sign that you’re a top fan!

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While you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to Jerkmate and receive updates and breaking cam industry news. Discover what’s new on Jerkmate and check out exclusive pornstar games and biographies and masturbation articles. See why we’re the most interactive adult chat on the internet!

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