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Best Sex Toys for Female

Best Sex Toys for Female

Jerkmate is happy to present the top 5 best sex toys for women! Discover our very best selection and reach new realms of pleasure now!

Published On November 16, 2023
Written by: Jerky

In the past decade or so, the conversation around female sexuality has come a long way. We have, as a society, embraced that women have intense sex drives as well and need appropriate stimulation! There are a number of sex toys and vibrating dildo toys out there that women can use to deliver intense vaginal orgasms.

Female masturbation can be physiologically and mentally beneficial for you — it can increase your level of happiness, reduce stress, and simply make you more comfortable with your body. In celebration of female sexuality, we have created this list of the best sex toys for women!

Best Sex Toys Female
#1 Weyes G Spot Vibrator Dildo


Weyes G Spot Vibrator is a wearable vibrator dildo… yes, you read that right. It’s a vibrator dildo that you can wear under your dress so you can stealthily pleasure yourself and masturbate even when you’re out in public! It also has a wireless remote control with which you can activate it any time and control the level of vibration remotely without even touching yourself. What’s more, it’s also whisper-quiet so you don’t have to worry about people hearing the buzzing of the vibrator dildo. Basically, it’s a heaven-send for those who like to get a little kinky with their sex toys in public but without causing a riot!

#2 Magic Wand Massager


The Magic Wand Massager has been around for a really long time. In fact, it’s a lush vibrator that may as well have driven female sex toys into the limelight, especially since it doubles as a regular body massager. This magic wand comes with variable vibration speed and a heavy-duty motor that you can use to massage any part of your body… including your clitoris. Since it’s not specifically designed (aesthetically or otherwise) as a clitoris massager, you won’t even feel any embarrassment if someone finds it in your sock drawer!

#3 Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator


A rabbit vibrator is a lush vibrator dildo with a phallic head and a separate clitoral massager attached to the shaft. The Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator has bunny ears for perfect clitoris stimulation. It’s whisper-quiet and has 9 different vibration modes so you can adjust it exactly how you like it. You can even use this vibrator dildo in the shower because it’s completely waterproof.

#4 Vixen Creations "Buck" VixSkin


Some people like their sex toys to be discreet and some like them to look and feel like the real deal. Vixen Creations "Buck" VixSkin isn’t meant for people who like subtlety. This is a large dildo that looks just like a rock hard penis with bulging veins. It has a large realistic curved shaft that measures 6 inches long with a 2-inch thick girth. The upper layer is made of soft silicone while the inner layer is firm, giving it the actual sensation of a stiff penis.

#5 Sola Sync Vibrator Dildo


The Sola Sync Vibrator Dildo is a petite and delicate little dildo with a long curved handle that can reach all of your tender spots and it’s extremely easy to maneuver. It can also be operated and vibrated with remote control for hands-free action!

Enjoying your physical and sensual body is your God-given right and you should explore it to the very limits with the best sex toys available. For even greater stimulation, you can even enjoy these sex toys while watching live masturbation shows on platforms like Jerkmate! So go ahead, lean back, relax, and let the tremors of orgasmic pleasure take over your body!

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