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Discover the best sex toys of 2021

Best Sex Toys of 2021 according to our sex experts

Our sex experts tell you what the best sex toys are for both men and women. Embrace what the world of adult toys has in store for you : vibrators, rings, strokers, dildos, air-suction toys, and much more!

Published On September 10, 2021
Written by: Jerky

Jerky’s Favorite Sex Toys

With masturbation rising in popularity across the blog, we’ve had our eye on new and improved sex toys that promise to take your pleasure to new heights. Jerky’s here to share his favorites - are you ready to discover your next adult sex toy? No one gets left behind!


Where to get started with adult toys?

Whether you like to browse at the sex shop or order your adult toys online, it can be overwhelming to filter through so many brands of sex toys to find the right fit for you. Compilation lists can also be misleading or not up to date. So, where do you get started to get your hands on the perfect fit for you?

Don’t worry! Jerky’s here to introduce you to four products that deserve the spotlight for bringing world-shattering orgasms to both men and women. Whether you’re looking for a basic vibrator or more advanced accessories, Jerky’s got you covered because everyone deserves to reach climax.


Sex toys for any occasion

Vibrating cock ring for men sex toys

Cock ring for men

HIMS’ OMG cock ring is a 2-in-1 accessory designed to maximize everyone’s pleasure while prolonging endurance. It’s all pros, no cons!

Not only that, but wearing the ring leaves your hands free to do whatever other things you can dream of. The OMG cock ring has 26 modes (that’s right, 26!), a USB-rechargeable battery lasting up to 40 minutes, and a system quieter than a clock. You just have to give it a try! 

Cock rings have been a staple for climax delay for a while now, but this product takes it from basic to revolutionary.

hitachi magic wand vibrator sex toy

Magic wands for women

The Hitachi Magic Wands are one of our favorite recommendations when it comes to sex toys. Emma Starletto, one of our favorite cam girls at Jerkmate, loves using it to reach new heights of pleasure! From plug-ins to rechargeable wands, Hitachi’s collection has something for everyone. 

Known as the best-selling massager for over five decades, it comes with a 2-speed motor, a 2.5-inch soft head, and a bendable neck that allows you to get just the right pressure to cater to your needs.

It’s a timeless, true, and tested classic that never goes out of style. And if the Magic Wand isn’t your cup of tea, Hitachi also offers a wide selection of various vibrators so that you can find exactly the thing you’re looking for to fulfill your wildest desires. They promise to hit the spot!

bullet vibrator men women sex toys

Bullet Vibrator for men and women

HIMS’ Roller Coaster Bullet vibrator is the perfect accessory to wow both yourself and your partner. Described as “small but mighty,” it’s the ideal place to start if you’re new to sex toys or looking for a great basic vibrator that’s a notch higher than your more common picks. 

Its compact size measures at just under 5 inches (for once, size does matter), and it’s both USB-rechargeable AND waterproof. Like the OMG cock ring, the Roller Coaster Bullet is almost silent without sacrificing any wow factors. 

HIMS is a well-established, high-hand brand that’s slowly but surely widening its selection of products designed specifically to heightened your sex life. With HIMS, you’re guaranteed a safe, secure, and high-quality service. What more could you ask for?


Hands-free wearable couples vibrator

The We-Vibe Chorus hands-free vibrator is the thing to take sex with your partner to the next level (although there’s nothing to say you can’t use it on your own!). 

Made to be worn during sex, it’s adjustable to allow for a unique, tailored experience. Its squeeze remote is almost too easy to use: the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations.  The Bluetooth option allows you to never jerk off alone, even if you’re 4000 km away from each other. And with over ten vibration modes and remote control through an app, it guarantees orgasms beyond your wildest expectations. 

Wearable vibrators are also just as interesting for one-on-one sessions, allowing for hands-free masturbation that can help you try out new positions or even different locations. But really, isn’t the best place to masturbate right here on Jerkmate?

Jerky leaves no one behind

Whether adult toys are made for men, women, both, or couples of all kinds, the most important thing to look out for is simple: how hard can it make you orgasm?

Don’t hesitate to try out new things and explore the world of sex toys beyond the basics, even though you can never go wrong with a simple dildo or vibrator

If your sex life or personal time is stagnating, trying out something more uncommon can take your experience to the next level and help you get more in tune with your body’s pleasure sensors. 

And don’t forget your accessories! Brands nowadays offer a wide range of products that go hand-in-hand with your toys. Getting your hands on a good-quality lube, condoms, and even a climax delay spray (have you checked out HIMS’ sex kits yet?) might be just the thing to complete your collection. 

Happy masturbating!

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