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Jerkmate insights 2: Around the world

Jerkmate Insights #2: Jerky around the world

In this series, Jerky shares a selection of hot stats & facts that reflect our community’s diversity & the range of possibilities at your fingertips!

Published On June 20, 2022
Written by: Jerky

All Aboard for Jerkmate Insights Episode #2!

Dear passengers, this is Captain Jerky speaking. Please sit comfortably in your seat, fasten your seatbelt and let our lovely stewards know your every need.

We’re forecasting a slightly bumpy flight as we’ll pass through the International Cloud 9 Zone at an average altitude of 69,000 feet to reach our destination.

In the meantime, please enjoy our selection of crunchy, juicy, mouth-watering facts about the Jerkmate community, and feel free to use the tissue box in front of you if you’re feeling horny along the way.

Thank you for choosing Jerkmate Airways!

Jerkmate insights around the world

Insight #1: Top Countries Variation

Top countries variation

If you look through the window on the left, you can see the Jerkmate flag waving at the very top of the Eiffel Tower as France celebrates its entry among our community’s top 5 countries!

On the right side, you can see pink and sky-blue fireworks coming out of Barcelona’s stadium. Thousands of people gathered not for a soccer game but to mark Spain’s powerful rise to 10th place!

India is thus ejected from the top 10 but can always console itself knowing that Indian cam models are currently the most wanted masturbation partners on Jerkmate.

Italy and the Netherlands also moved up one spot since last year, but Germany really is the country to check out, as it’s gaining ground towards the podium, thanks to the tremendous curiosity and kinkiness of our German members. 

One thing is for sure: Jerkmate is quickly becoming the world’s favorite live cam and adult chat community!

Insight #2: Favorite Pornstars by Country

Favorite pornstars by country

Seems like our U.S.A. members like it wet & messy! 💦

Not only do they have a major penchant for squirt (next insight), but they also have an adoration for the Queen, the one and only Adriana Chechik

When looking at the U.K., the gorgeous and sophisticated Amber Paige remains the most appreciated pornstar. 

Canadian members find their sweet escape from the cold in the arms of the heavenly and fiery Sania Mallory.

Germany and France have a special place in their hearts for local babes, Texas Patti and Sasha Meow being their respective favorite pornstars when playtime comes.

Australians can’t resist the blonde and busty Beth Bennett and her New Zealand origins which seemingly stirs up a naughty mix of exoticism and familiarity.

And while Dutch people love the freaky & flexible Aliya Brynn, members from Italy and Spain have a respective preference for their locally-grown pornstars, Artemisia Love and Zoe Doll.

And finally, Mexicans can’t get enough of Gabriela Lopez’s lovely curves and sex drive, which set the bar high for Latina cam babes.

Of course, our worldwide community is composed of avid (s)explorers who don’t limit themselves to their hometown’s trends and favorites!

Insight #3: Top Searches by Country

Top searches by country

Well, look at that!

Indian cam models are the #1 fantasy in half of Jerkmate’s top 10 countries!

American members are particularly fond of curves (Big Ass & Huge Tits), while British members display a preference for body fluids, more precisely CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) and Squirt.

Femdom is a major turn-on in France (#1), Germany (#2) and Canada (#3). 

At the same time, Italy and Spain seem to enjoy most the playful side of Jerkmate’s live sex cam & adult chat experience, whether in real time with cam models or by taking control of their favorite pornstars in Jerkmate’s interactive sex games.

Interestingly enough, Canada is the only country where a cam model appears in the top searches: IamHely 🔥. This French-Canadian babe is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity worldwide, thanks to her unique way of performing outrageously hot live cam shows.

And since France hosts one of the world’s capitals of lace and luxury lingerie, it’s not surprising to see Stockings among French members’ top searches on Jerkmate. 

To quote Jerky: “We live in a world of infinite possibilities, and Jerkmate is here to help people grasp them with their free hand. My greatest pleasure is to provide our community with more options than they can dream of and ensure everyone finds WHO and WHAT they’re searching for.”

Insight #4: Age Distribution by Country

age distribution by country

Mexico has the highest concentration of Gen Z (18-24), who constitute half of the Mexican members. Meanwhile, in the U.S.A and the Netherlands, members over 35 also make up half of their respective membership, as Gen Z only represents a quarter of all members in those countries. 

On the Millenials’ side, Australia and the U.K. have the highest number of members aged 25-34 (32%).

However, Spain is very far ahead in terms of senior members, with a record 30% aged 55+. What’s more, Boomers (65+) represent 16% of all Spaniard members! 

A 2020 study about attitudes toward masturbation found that 93% of Spaniards strongly agree that masturbation is a natural thing to do (91% also agreed that it’s good for your health). Those observations highlight masturbation’s high level of social acceptance in Spain. 

What did Spaniards least agree with? The idea that masturbation is a private matter (only 77% agreed). In Spain, masturbation is a healthy lifestyle habit that can definitely be shared with a partner. 

¡Qué maravilla! 🦾

Insight #5: Gender Distribution by Country


Really, if this were a gala, Mexico, Spain and Australia would be the stars of the show! 

Not only do they respectively count the highest amount of Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers, but they also reign in the top 3 countries where Women enjoy Jerkmate the most!

Although the lead is slim, Mexico again stands out from the crowd.

Could it be Mexico’s commitment to delivering school-based sex education, or is the country experiencing a new phase of female sexual emancipation? We can’t tell for sure. 

However, the world’s largest masturbation survey suggests that Mexico currently ranks among the countries where sex life satisfaction is highest (alongside India and Brazil).

Insight #6: Fastest Growing Countries

Fastest growing countries

The more, the merrier!  

It looks like Jerky has made a lot of new friends around the world over the last year.

We can’t wait to see all the naughty live cam fantasies they’ll bring to the table for the greatest pleasure of our worldwide community. 

One thing is for sure, Jerkmate is a perfect place to fulfill them, no matter where you live in the world!

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