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Jerkmate insights 3

Jerkmate Insights - Article #3: In Cam We Trust

In this series, Jerky shares a selection of hot stats & facts that reflect our community’s diversity & the range of possibilities at your fingertips!

Published On August 22, 2022
Written by: Jerky


Jerkmate is the perfect place to set your fantasies free with thousands of sexy models

Sexual freedom being our community’s motto, it’s no surprise that Americans love Jerkmate so much! Still, their preferences and kinks are so diverse that we couldn’t resist exposing our U.S. members’ favorite cam girl categories

Knowing what turns Americans on is kind of fascinating and exciting, don’t you think? 

In this Jerkmate Insights #3, we will dive balls deep into what makes our members horny in the top 10 U.S. states and let you decide which state contains the naughtiest minds.

But first, let’s draw a quick portrait of our beloved U.S. members.

Ready? Let’s go!

Jerkmate insights 3


Overall favorite cam girl categories

One interesting thing to note is that more than half (52%) of American members are aged between 18 and 34 years old, while our community’s global average age is 36. This could explain why a strong majority of U.S. members use Jerkmate on Mobile (83%) rather than Desktop or Tablet. 

Moreover, 29% of U.S. members are women, making the U.S.A. rank 6th in terms of gender distribution (Mexico currently holds 1st place with 37%).

Nationwide, the last 6 months’ favorite categories highlight the skyrocketing popularity of Couples and Trans Girl cam models.

Americans are craving more diversity, and luckily they find it in all its glory on Jerkmate!

State #1: New York

New York favorite cam girl categories

Let’s start our journey in the Empire State! 

If NYC is a city where dreams come true, the whole state of New York seems to be a fertile ground for sex fantasies to come to life!

We notice a preference among Empire Staters for Ebony models over Trans cam girls, while Couples remain the #1 favorite category for this state.

Our New York members tend to see Jerkmate as an opportunity to take their pleasure to new heights, which goes well with the state’s official motto “Excelsior!” which translates to “Ever Upward!”.

Coincidence? We think not.

State #2: Texas

Texas favorite cam girl categories

Having fun with a sexy couple in a live cam room is an exciting experience, but our Texas members love Ebony models at least as much as tortilla chips and salsa!

Yes, you saw it right. Granny cams are pretty popular in Texas. 

Since almost a third of our members living in the Lone Star State are over 55, we perceive a desire to explore sexual fantasies with like-minded women of the same age, which is perfectly understandable.

It’s never too late to spice up your sex life; Texas is well-placed to testify to this.

What’s more, chatting and interacting with horny women on Jerkmate has always been great and always will be!

State #3: Illinois

Illinois favorite cam girl categories

Could Jerkmate have become as big as square dancing in the Prairie State?

Well, if you’ve been wondering why Illinoisans ignore tornado sirens, you should know that our friends there love when things get messy. 

From getting wild with open-minded Couples to exploring hot kinks with a gorgeous Teen (18+) or a more experienced Mature lady, cam porn is as much a treat as popcorn!

And whether or not corn is knee high by the Fourth of July, the level of pleasure on Jerkmate is miles above the ground all year round!

State #4: California

California favorite cam girl categories

There are hella people in Cali who are psyched for Trans Girls

But don’t trip. This is the most diverse state in the U.S., and the scope of its people’s sexual preferences is as wide as California is long. 

You know the saying: if you can’t find it in California, it probably doesn’t exist!

Still, nothing seems able to stop Asian cam models from conquering the naughty hearts of our California members, as they’ve recently reached the podium of the most popular cam girl categories in the Golden State. Congrats to them! 

On a side note, Pornhub Insights 2021 suggest that Asian was already the most often searched term in California. When looking at Jerkmate’s mind-blowing catalog of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai women, we kinda understand what the hype is about. 

One thing is certain: Californians know how to wank like a boss!

State #5: Georgia

Georgia favorite cam girl categories

Georgia, Georgia… tell me what’s on your mind! 

Y’all might be thinking that the Peach State, where Butts is a place thousands of people call home, has a major penchant for watching a juicy ass twerk or naughty anal stuff. 

But actually, if waffle houses are the cure for hangovers, hot live cam sessions with naked couples are the cure for boring sex lives!

In fact, this category’s popularity in Georgia has increased by over 5000% during the past 6 months, no cap! 

Another fascinating fact about Georgians is their passion for Group Sex

While grits are the backbone of almost every breakfast, multiple sex partners seem to be Georgia’s key ingredient for the wildest nights. The more, the hornier?

Once you get a taste of Jerkmate’s cam girls, you just can’t get enough. 

They’re as sweet as a Georgia peach!

State #6: Arizona

Arizona favorite cam girl categories

Arizona is known for its deserts (and, of course, the Grand Canyon).
Still, its Jerkmate members never run dry of wild fantasies. 

Could this unquenchable thirst be the symptom of a burning desire for sexual freedom
God knows, Jerky suspects.   

One thing we know for sure: Jerkmate is a genuine land of the free, and our members love it. 

The past 6 months highlight a slight decrease in popularity for Asian ladies among Arizonans, while Trans Girl models and Couples having sex on cams have become all the rage, with Grannies not too far behind.

State #7: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania favorite cam girl categories

When looking at the Keystone State, we can’t ignore the recent rise in popularity of Trans Girl models, while Ebony ladies move down to 2nd place. Will this trend continue?

Pennsylvania is known for its pioneers and love for liberty (oh and Hershey’s chocolate). Seeing our members’ fantasies transit from sweet dark-skinned women to charming T-Girls confirms that sexuality is expansive and always evolving. 

And since Jerkmate is a safe & anonymous place for people to explore their sexual fantasies online, we can only expect more people to join and diversify the fun!

State #8: North Carolina

North Carolina favorite cam girl categories

Of all the states listed here, North Carolina is probably the one that stands out the most. Why?

Because Leather is a major turn-on for North Carolinians, more than anywhere else in the country. What a lovely fetish! 

From BBQ to BDSM, members from this state clearly know how to party! 

And if you’ve been wondering how satisfying it can be to discover such fantasies on Jerkmate, our NC friends warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the moment and experience your own “firsts that last” as recommended by the state’s tourism board. Hehe.

State #9: Colorado

Colorado favorite cam girl categories

Ahhh, the great outdoors and fresh air of Colorado!  

Spending so much time in the snowy mountains may explain why Coloradans love to indulge in some extra heat with Hairy cam models.

The land of cold beers and legal weed may have the world’s largest natural hot springs pool, highest railway train and largest flat-top mountain; we will still remember Colorado for its undeniable love for unshaved pussies and armpits

This and um… ever heard of Rocky Moutain Oysters? Google it.

State #10: Nevada

Nevada favorite cam girl categories

Last but not least, our Nevada members can’t get enough of two things: shrimp cocktail and live cam sex!

Whether by chatting with T-Girls, naughty couples, Asian beauties, Ebony bombshells or kinky grannies, Nevadans consider masturbation on Jerkmate as their best bet for memorable sexy times. 

Nevada’s rich history and diverse culture have been a fertile ground for vibrant nightlife and legendary events like the Burning Man Festival. The next logical step could only be making Jerkmate the Nevadans’ go-to for live adult entertainment. Viva Jerkmate! 

We hope this overview of our Top 10 U.S. states’ most appreciated fantasies has made you as horny as we are right now. If so, how about unleashing your own kinks? 💗👇

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