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Top 4 best masturbation techniques for men

The 4 best masturbation techniques for better male orgasms

Male masturbation can quickly become a repetitive, maybe even dull, routine. Here are a few tips that could take your self-pleasure game to a whole new level and help you achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Rediscover your own body’s potential.

Published On May 16, 2022
Written by: Jerky
Best masturbation techniques for men

Enjoy the benefits of male masturbation with these 4 tips for better orgasms

What is masturbation? Masturbating can be described as the erotic stimulation of one's own genitals for pleasure, most often to the point of orgasms (Source). If you have a penis, chances are you’ve masturbated at least once in your life. And if you’re on Jerkmate, you’re most likely a seasoned masturbating expert. 

Male masturbation is a normal activity with many benefits, including a boosted immune system, better overall health, and lower tension and stress. One study even found that men who masturbate regularly can lower their risk of prostate cancer. Experts aren’t certain yet why ejaculation might help with prostate health, but the proof is still there! 

But better health isn’t the only advantage - masturbating regularly can lead to harder erections, better stamina, and delayed orgasms and ejaculation. It’s also been proven that masturbating frequently doesn’t have an effect on your sperm count, so there’s no worry to be had there. 

So not only does touching yourself help you feel more relaxed - maybe even sleep better! - but it can improve your performance with a partner. And don’t worry about how many times is too many times, because masturbating often only helps increase the benefits previously mentioned. 

When you masturbate, you’re simply engaging in a risk-free activity that helps your mental and sexual health. The effects are healthy on a medical and personal level, so really, it’s something you should be doing! 

However, touching yourself can quickly get boring and repetitive. If your hand is getting a little tired of the same old movement and you want to cum harder and better than ever before, here are 4 tips that could change how you approach solo play.

Best masturbation techniques for men


What is edging? 

One way to improve your masturbating technique is to give edging a try. This practice involves the concept of sexual stimulation right to the point of ejaculation before stopping and then starting once again. These stimulation cycles are meant to ultimately lead to stronger, more intense orgasms. 

Edging can also help last longer in case of premature ejaculation. Or if you just want to have sex longer! It offers benefits for both men and women and is both a male and female practice. So even your partner can give it a go! 

To try edging, simply masturbate as you always do, but take a break right when you reach the edge of orgasm. Take away any kind of stimulation until the orgasm recedes, and then start again. You can repeat this cycle as many times as you wish until you decide to allow yourself to ejaculate. 

Incorporating edging into your routine will lead to more intense orgasms both on your own and with a male or female partner, as well as easier orgasms. 

Regardless of your interest in edging, delaying the orgasm and taking your time to slow down and enjoy your masturbation experience is also an exciting idea. It’s not all about rushing, and taking your time to pleasure yourself can lead to higher confidence and better orgasms. People are often in a hurry to get things done, so for once, slow it all the way down and see how long you can last!

Best masturbation techniques for men


There’s more to male masturbation than stimulating the penis! At least, there should be. To increase your pleasure and discover new sensations when masturbating, you should consider exploring your own body and learning how other parts of your anatomy can help you cum. 

Exploring your body’s erogenous zones can be an excellent way to discover what you truly enjoy, thus making it easier to communicate with a partner, either male or female. Try touching your ears, nipples, neck, mouth, or lips, and see what feels best. 

And don’t neglect your testicles during your solo sessions! There are nearly as many nerve endings on your balls as on your penis. Pulling down on your testicles right before climax can be a good way to intensify your orgasm. You can also gently massage your perineum (or taint) right behind your balls.

Finally, to experiment with the male G-spot, keep your prostate in mind. It’s basically the key to a more intense, full-body orgasm! Put stigma aside and try experimenting with one finger, for example. Gently rub the outside of your anus, then try exploring inside. Take it slow, explore, and see what feels good. It’s normal if it takes a few tries to get it right, but don’t give up! That’s the best part of masturbation: you can try it as often as you want without risk or constraints. 

You can even try anal sex toys and see how far you can take your pleasure! This might be uncharted territory, but this is the perfect time to give it a go without fear or other people being present and adding pressure to the situation.

Best masturbation techniques for men


Speaking of sex toys, this is one area that shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to male masturbation. Guys often forget that toys aren’t for women only! Now more than ever, there is a wide selection of sex toys specifically for penis owners. Whether it’s an automatic or pocket stroker, a vibrating cock ring, a prostate stimulator, a Fleshlight, or a numbing cream, you’re sure to find some addition to your solo play that’ll unlock new realms of pleasure.

If you can reach mind-blowing orgasms using only your hand, think of what you could do with a toy or two. 

Masturbating with toys is also a great way to explore your own body without the pressure of having a partner in the room. You’re free to take your time and find out what you like and dislike all on your own. This means setting your own limits, experimenting without stress, and figuring out exactly what your body reacts to. 

And you don’t have to go all-out on your first toy - even just adding a lubricant to your routine could make a world of difference. Not lotion! Actual lube made to lessen irritation and increase pleasure. 

Anal sex toys can also allow you to explore the male g-spot on your own to find out if it’s a good fit for you. Pocket or sleeve masturbation aids, on the other hand (no pun intended), can take some of the work out of the equation to allow you just to sit back and relax. Make sure you clean out any sperm after use, and then you’re free to reset and do it all over again, as many times as you’d like!

Best masturbation techniques for men


This might sound counterintuitive but trust us. Masturbation refers to self-stimulation of one’s own genitals, but nowhere in the rules does it say you have to do it alone! Mutual masturbation is all the fun of cumming without the pressure of sex. 

So if you want to add external stimulation to explore fetishes, roleplay scenarios, kinks, or a different approach, bringing in a partner, in person or virtually, can make a world of difference in your stroke game. And with live cams so readily available on the internet now, it’s easier than ever for a man to connect with someone, guy or girl, for a quick cock-jerking session. 

Having someone watch you, and watching them in return, can be highly arousing when masturbating. You can also explore JOI (or “Jerk-off instructions”) by having your partner dictate how to touch your cock. It takes all the stress and pressure out of it! 

If you’re a fan of videos but can’t find the perfect scenes - or are tired of rewatching the same favorites - then connecting with a live cam performer could be the ideal solution for you. It’s your chance to pick and choose your dream partner, guy or girl, and let them know exactly what you like. These verified, certified cum-loving people are there just to please you, guaranteeing you the best orgasm experience you could dream of. 

Men, it’s time you put yourself - and your penis - first by exploring Jerkmate’s numerous categories and finding the best jerk-off partner for your unique needs. Cams are the ideal way to connect with someone without the ties of dating or romance. It’s nothing but pure fun, from a nice chat to mind-blowing mutual masturbation.

And if you find your dream cam artist but don’t feel like trying out a live session just yet, you can browse through their videos and get yourself worked up all on your own. There’s something for everyone! 

Give it a try today - Jerkmate is free to navigate and explore until you find the perfect partner to masturbate with. What are you waiting for? Give yourself the gift of out-of-this-world orgasms today. Who wouldn’t want to lower their risk of cancer? It’s for your own sexual and medical good, and with such healthy effects, it’s a wonder you’re not doing it right this minute!

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