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How to celebrate Valentine's Day alone

Alone on Valentine’s day: Jerky’s tips to putting yourself first | Jerkmate

Spending Valentine’s day alone? No need to fret - here are tips to make this day all about your own needs. Put yourself first - pleasure guaranteed!

Published On February 4, 2022
Written by: Jerky

Alone on valentines day?


How many days until Valentine’s day? This question might get your heart fluttering… or your armpits sweating. But whether you’re celebrating with a special someone or spending the love day on your own, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to put your own needs and desires first. 

While everyone seems to be looking up Valentine’s day gifts for her, Valentine’s day gifts for him, Jerky asks: what about Valentine’s day gifts for yourself?

Valentine’s day gifts for men and women can range from little things like home massage coupons to collections of chocolates, flowers, and extravagant presents. But this February 2022, it’s time to put yourself first for this romantic holiday and give yourself what you really want. 

Looking for ideas on how to spend Valentine’s day alone and still enjoy your day (or night)? None of those cheesy flowers or chocolates are needed. Here are some ideas for giving yourself the gift of pleasure this valentines day.

Give mutual masturbation a try

Not having a partner in your life, or simply not being able to spend time with them on February 14th, is not the curse you might think it is. With online mutual masturbation, you can enjoy some you-time and unwind with your dream match, no matter where they are across the world. 

All you need is a webcam, an acceptable internet connection, and a comfortable seat. You can set up your own amateur mutual masturbation scene with an online date, a long-distance partner, or your dream performer on your favorite live cam site (hint: that’s us!). 

These days, masturbation is growing less taboo and more popular, and Jerky couldn’t agree more that self-pleasure should never be set aside. Make this day count by taking care of yourself… and letting someone in on the fun!

Explore your erotic roleplay skills

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it: Valentine’s day might just be the perfect occasion to step out of your comfort zone and try your hand at an erotic roleplay scenario. And with Jerkmate’s free Command and Obey sex game, sexy roleplay ideas are just around the corner. What’s more: you don’t even have to do it alone! 

Whether you want to step in someone else's shoes or watch your dream cam model bring your fantasy to life, this romantic holiday is the perfect setting to explore your wildest kinks and desires. Jerkmate’s roleplay selection includes sexy schoolgirl, naughty doctor, hot dominatrix, and submissive housewife as some of the many options available for you. 

And if you want to go into specifics or create your very own scenario, you can connect with your dream model and start a one-on-one call to experience a personalized experience! What better day to invest in your own pleasure than the love holiday?

Indulge in your vices

Being alone on Valentine’s day can be a blessing: it’s the perfect time to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures without anyone watching over your shoulder. 

Whether it’s something you want to eat, drink, smoke, watch, or all of the above, you should treat yourself like your own date and give yourself the gifts you might not usually allow into your routine. 

So hit the grocery store, local distillery, or wherever else you usually get your favorite indulgences and sit back, relax, and enjoy your own time. No guilt allowed here!

Share your secrets

If you have single friends also celebrating on their own, share your tips with them and spread the bromance love! You can either celebrate together or each on your own, as long as you’re all putting your own needs first for this special day. 

Get them to try something new and different this valentine’s day! Have they heard of Jerkmate? Have they discovered the unlimited pleasure they could find with live cam sites? Let them in on your secret, and make sure they don’t miss out on this perfect solution to making Valentine’s night an unforgettable evening. 

But don’t wait until Valentine’s day to create your account: sign up today and explore Jerkmate’s unique features so that you can enjoy every minute of your night on February 14th! You can command your favorite cam girls to do whatever you want, pick and choose your dream masturbation partner down to their hair color, or try something new by checking out different live cam performances for free. Ready to unlock your fantasies?

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