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Best Masturbation Techniques Male

Best Masturbation Techniques Male

Published On October 8, 2019
Written by: Jerky

Sometimes, male masturbation can even be a whole lot better than sex. No one knows your body as well as you do. No one understands your rhythm the way you do. That’s why male masturbation can often result in insanely strong orgasms.

Most of us go about masturbation in the same way. You might think there aren’t a lot of different ways to go about male masturbation, but you’ll be terribly wrong. Just as there are plenty of sex positions, there are also plenty of male masturbation techniques for you to try.

Masturbation can be incredibly healthy for your mind and body as it reinvigorates you, helps you understand your sensual self better, improves your sleep patterns, and also helps you let go of pent-up frustrations so you can focus more.

In light of just how brilliant masturbation can be, we’ll share some of the best male masturbation techniques with you.

Best Masturbation Techniques for Male
Tickling the Frenulum


The frenulum is that little line that extends down from the center of your urethra to your foreskin. Most people don’t pay any attention to this part of the body, but it can drive intense orgasms if you take your time with it.

This is how you tickle your frenulum:

  • Lay back and relax.
  • Once you’re hard, tickle the frenulum and massage it with circular motions.
  • Take your time and let the sensation sweep in.
  • It may take a while to ejaculate with this method but resist the impulse to stroke your penis and it will really pay off!


Some people are masters of hands-free male masturbation whereas others need a little more encouragement and practice with it. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll need to first detox yourself by abstaining from either sex or masturbation for a week so that you have plenty of cum just willing to burst out.

Now, you can use certain hands-free masturbation videos that guide you through the whole process through sight and sound. Dim the lights and put on clear headphones because these videos will use auditory triggers to generate arousal and response from your body.

When you’re hard and ready to burst, follow these tips:

  • Pump up your penis in quick successions as you might while ejaculating.
  • Flex your legs and clench your butts.
  • Hold your breath or take short quick breaths.

Pretty soon, you’ll be shooting ribbons of cum without even touching your penis!

Use Male Sex Toys


There are a lot of male sex toys that can help you with intense male masturbation. For the uninitiated, you can start with a simple fleshlight or cock ring to imitate the sensation of actual sex and incite deep erections.

If you’re feeling a little brave, you can also use a prostate massager that penetrates into your anus and massages your P-Spot. Massaging this spot while simultaneously stroking your penis is sure to deliver the most intense and fulfilling orgasm of your life.

Male Masturbation with Live Visual Aids


Men are extremely visual creatures and we need visual stimulation to truly enjoy masturbation. But masturbation is more than just a physical activity, it’s also a psychological one. The pleasure you get from knowing that you’re seeing someone live or that they’re seeing you in real time is unlike any other.

That’s why you should hop on to platforms like Jerkmate where you can masturbate in real time with other masturbators putting on a show just for you.


There are a lot of male masturbation techniques for you to explore. These techniques may relate to the visual aids you use while masturbating or the hand gestures you use. The more you experiment with different styles, the better you’ll masturbate! So go ahead and explore your body!

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