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Jerkmate Insights: Kinks and Quirks in Live Cam, What Camgirl Search Results won't Show You

What do we know about cam models? Besides their looks and special skill sets, not much! Yet, they’re probably the most fascinating models on the web.

Published On July 19, 2023
Written by: Jerky

Any idea what makes our kinky bot assistant, Jerky, vibrate until it breaks apart?

No doubt it’s Jerkmate models!

They’re creative, horny, adventurous, and incredibly sexy. Some are submissive, and others rule their cam rooms without mercy. Live cam models are the true pillars of this booming industry. Men, women, trans, and couples dedicate hours to the art of masturbation in private chats and live shows.

Not only are they crushing the taboo with their wet fingers daily, but they also understand the thrill of exploring their sexuality safely with a complete stranger. They also get what it’s like to develop a long-term relationship with one or more masturbation partners online.

As you’ll see in these Jerkmate Insights, many models share the same attributes and preferences, but none of them are the same! “There’s a model out there who’s right for every viewer,” said Mark Hey. And we agree 1000%. And one private moment with a model is worth 10,000 porn videos online.

Now, let’s see what the Jerkmate cam community is made of. Trust us, you won’t find any of this info on other cam sites like Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, or Xnxx. Brace yourselves because we break it down by gender, ethnicity, age group, and motivations. On top of that, we share our models' top kinks, our community’s most quirky categories, and the best quotes we found on our models’ profiles.




Since Jerkmate’s creation in 2019, the cam community has been growing, diversifying, and expanding way beyond the scope of your regular webcam site. We have more models, yes, but we also have more genders and sexual identities

Camgirls run the live cam industry, and on Jerkmate, they account for 80% of our hot babes. It’s not surprising. According to sociologist Angela Jones (2020), women as cam girls have more sexual capital than men. That means that as the major figures of desire in adult content, they actually reverse the gender pay gap in this field and earn more money than men. Power to the pussy! Indeed, camgirls spend more hours in front of their webcams than men and earn nearly twice what their male counterparts make. And that does not include any extra income from selling videos and photos on platforms like OnlyFans.

We notice that 1 in 10 models on the Jerkmate site are men. And 3% of all the profiles on the amazing cam site belong to couples. Yes, real couples—gay or straight—can be naughty playmates as well. A couple on Jerkmate can help you turn solo play into the most interactive online threesome.

Speaking of sexual orientation, we’re proud to notice that 6% of our models identified as trans, adding more to the community’s overall rainbow colors. Plus, a third of all camboys proudly used gay tags on their profiles. How incredible! Indeed, the days of hooking up only with the opposite sex are gone, and more people can explore their sexuality without judgment online.

Also, 95% of female models added the tags bisexual and lesbian to their profiles. Seems like the Jerkmate is the perfect place for sexploration, not only for members and visitors but also for female models wanting to better grasp their sexual fluidity.




Working as a camgirl is getting increasingly popular worldwide. Our selection of models on Jerkmate is proof. With one simple click, you can enter the rooms of thousands of camgirls, camboys, and cam couples from around the world. 

With lots of excitement, Jerky noticed that 56% of female models on its website are Hispanic, compared to 31% of Caucasian camgirls. Muy bueno! And guess what, the same trend applies to our hot male models: more than half are Hispanic (mostly Columbian), whereas 1 in 4 camboys are White. Another juicy observation on the ethnic side: 9% of all our models are part of the Ebony category. Yes, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice on Jerkmate!

What could explain the big ethnic diversity in camming? Well, in 2015, Romania and Columbia were considered the capitals of live cam. Seems like it hasn’t changed much, given the important number of Columbian models on Jerkmate. Now, with good devices and high-speed internet becoming more available worldwide, no doubt working as a camgirl is an option for people who want to escape jobs with terrible work conditions.




Like in most modeling professions, youth is gold in live cam. Roughly 70% of Jerkmate models are between the ages of 18 and 25, and nearly a third are young adults under 35. That’s a lot of college students and young professionals taking care of their bills and their sexual urges at the same time! Jerky couldn’t be happier to notice how many Gen Zs and millennials are and will continue to embark on this tantalizing journey!

But youth isn’t the only asset on Jerkmate: experience is! MILF models aren’t going anywhere. With a good fanbase and lots of originality, a MILF model is practically an icon. Any idea what she can do with a dildo? As of today, 8709 camgirls labeled themselves as MILFs, 2498 as mature, and 598 as grannys.

But Jerky wonders: why isn’t there a DILF category in cam? Is it that women and gay men don’t want to hook up with smoking-hot dads, or that they already are? Probably, the latter. Interestingly, grandpas made a strong entrance on Jerkmate. Currently, there are 120 of them, and 240 male models consider themselves as mature. And these men know that age and sex appeal aren’t mutually exclusive. If salt and pepper can make meals more interesting, imagine what they can do in a Jerkmate cam room!



Ask any professional in the adult industry how many times they’ve been questioned about their motives, they’ll ask you to grab a chair. Camming, like any form of sex work, certainly comes with its sets of assumptions and judgmental comments. That’s why Jerky wants to set things straight with actual facts about its models.


Angela Jones (2020), a sociologist, studied the world of live cam extensively. For days, she interviewed cam models from different backgrounds. Based on her findings, 56% of cam models report that money is not their only motivation to become a cam performer.

Don’t get her wrong. Money does matter in camming. Big time! Some cam models do it to help with college costs. Others seek a better work-life balance or more free time to spend with their families.

In live cam, models set their own hours, creating their own flexible schedules. And once, they’ve built a solid fanbase, they earn more than they would working 40 hours a week at a desk job! Some models turn it into a real business. They even get extra income from affiliate marketing or from selling naughty photos, videos, and even panties online.

But money aside, models across live cam platforms report entering the live cam industry to explore their sexuality further. In other words, it’s about expressing aspects of their sexuality freely online, especially with live shows (Jones, 2020). Like Jerkmate model Amber Alena told Vice, live cam is an “empowering,” “liberating kind of work.” And Jerky couldn’t be more thrilled to see how many sex lives his website has improved.



Tell us how many body parts are involved in your pleasure, and we’ll tell you how kinky you are!

Jerky being a kinky bot itself, it was amazed to learn about the six most listed kinks on Jermate models' profiles:


For camgirls, anal is the most popular kink, with 55% of them who listed the term in their profiles. We’re sure the Lovense vibrators on Jerkmate have quite a few backdoor stories to tell! Jerky’s girls are definitely naughtier than the general population since only 1 in 3 women, in general, consider anal as a sex act they enjoy.

Anal is followed closely by deepthroat, listed by 49% of camgirls.

What about camboys? What particularly excites them? Power in the bedroom, apparently: 45 % of all male models listed being dominant as their kink. Interestingly, camboys are also quite fond of feet, the second most listed kinks for men. The more they’ve been trapped in shoes all day, the harder the boner!

As for trans models, their naughty preferences are similar to those of girls and guys on Jerkmate. They’re are mostly into anal (67%), and 42% have a foot fetish.

Speaking of feet, the most fetishized body part after the genitals. You better give yours some love because, on Jerkmate, this is the one kink models of all genders share!




Have you ever browsed the list of categories on Jerkmate? Take a look, it’s free! You have to admit… some categories definitely stand out. Yet, the very fact that they are listed makes them legitimate fantasies. And Jerkmate is in the business of making fantasies come true.

So without further ado, here are the 10 quirkiest categories on Jerkmate.

10. Ohmibod®

Yes, this very sex toy has its own camgirl adepts. This app-controlled, wearable vibrator is responsible for more orgasms than Jerky can count. Plus, it adds another fun aspect to the live interaction: the toy can play music while it’s pleasuring our models. Talking about some sexual healing!


Phat Ass White Girl: we honestly don’t know who to blame for this acronym entering the porn jargon. Meghan Trainor? The Kardashians? What was once an undeniable asset for Ebony models is now a sought-after feature among white camgirls! Well, vanilla booties, go get 'em!

8. Fart

Who knew bloating and indigestion could make sex more interesting? These models! After getting all these lovely requests in private chats, they probably decided it was time farting entered their Jerkmate resume! Too bad users can’t smell them!

7. Hairy armpits

Haircare, don’t care! Why should these camgirls if it makes them more unique? Whether it’s a bush, a mini fro, or a mane, this special feature next to bare boobs will definitely leave some visitors turned on!


Probably one of the more genius and creative categories. ASMR is the art of creating powerful, tingling sensations with evocative sounds and videos. If it has its own fanbase on YouTube, it definitely is a sensation on Jerkmate!

5. Cameltoe

Is there anything sexier than labia showing through a woman’s yoga pants? These models know you won’t resist looking, so they’ll make sure you do!

4. Ahegao

 Ever played Hentai Heroes? Then, you must have seen a lot of ahegaoes. And no, it’s not an Asian-language word for pussy. The term is online slang for the unique facial expressions these anime characters make during an orgasm: open mouth, tongue sticking out, blushing cheeks, eyes rolled back. Seems like some models are anime fans themselves, and they can draw the perfect image with their cum face.


BBW camgirls better watch out because they have competition! Super-sized big beautiful women are in the live cam arena, and they are here to claim their own fanbase!

2. JOI

Jerk-off instructions do bring a lot of joy, but they’re all about power play. People who get off with JOI not only love following the rules, they enjoy being told how and when to cum. No wonder it’s so popular among Jerkmate models!

1. SPH

Small penis humiliation! Well, well, well... A man will do everything to convince himself his penis size is “average,” but on Jerkmate, he will look for a camgirl to tell him the brutal, honest truth. SPH is so popular that camgirls have their rulers and charts on hand for the perfect dick roast. Who would have thought?!



Camgirls and camboys are incredibly creative and funny. And some of them are straight-up geniuses. Here are some of the most worthy-of-a-raised-eyebrow quotes from our Jerkmate profiles around the world.


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