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Celebrate Internatoinal Masturbation Month with Jerkmate

Celebrate International Masturbation Month with Jerkmate

May is International Masturbation Month, and Jerkmate celebrates it in a big way! Learn when, why, and where this tradition began. At Jerkmate, we feel everyone should be free to jerk off in sweet company. Because masturbation isn’t just pleasurable and fun, it’s also good for you!

Published On May 7, 2021
Written by: Jerky

The Best Month to Masturbate

Happy International Masturbation Month! Yes, it’s a real thing: an annual event celebrated by millions of sexually charged individuals all over the world. While it’s not an official holiday per se, chances are you’ve probably celebrated it without even knowing.

Of all the sexual experiences a person can have, masturbation is the most universal, significant, and natural. However, masturbation remains taboo and one of the most uncomfortable subjects to talk about. It’s still a significant source of shame, especially for women.

But masturbation can be a powerful tool. Many sex therapists consider it one of the best forms of self-care. It puts you in touch with your desires and can make you more sexually powerful and confident.

What is International Masturbation Month?

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May is International Masturbation Month. More specifically, May 28 is Masturbation Day. It was created on May 7, 1995, by Good Vibrations, a sex shop based in San Francisco.

These days, more than 25 years later, millions of people around the world celebrate Masturbation Month.

They do it because they enjoy it, raise awareness regarding the safety and health benefits of masturbation, and defend their right to touch themselves without shame!

It’s definitely one of the quirkiest holidays on the calendar, but also one of the most important.

What better way to learn about your sexuality than through self-gratification? Indeed, masturbation is a great way to make time for yourself, discover what turns you on sexually and what doesn’t, and release built-up sexual tension. It’s also completely safe!

Do it without risk of pregnancy, infidelity, or sexually transmitted diseases. Masturbation is also great for relieving stress and anxiety, easing menstrual cramps, and getting to know your sexual responses. Here’s another huge advantage: it doesn’t cost a dime!

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of a person’s sexuality. It has the power to enhance mental, physical, and sexual health, but that’s not all.

Masturbation–and the orgasms it can produce–release adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which help regulate stress and improve overall mood.

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When someone experiences sexual pleasure, particularly orgasms, certain areas of the brain receive more oxygen. Like a workout for the brain, masturbation allows for increased blood flow to those parts of the brain that manage movement, reward, sensation, cognition, and hormone production.

Additionally, mutual masturbation is a great way to explore and discover different sexual desires. As mentioned earlier, masturbating is the best way to enjoy sexual pleasure without risks.

Masturbation doesn’t have any harmful side effects. Some people, however, may feel guilty about touching themselves and being “overly sexual” due to the social stigma that masturbation carries.

Here at Jerkmate, we believe in masturbation and finding the ideal masturbation partner to share this incredible experience to reach an even more powerful climax.

Women and Masturbation

Though men talk more openly about masturbation, women are just as likely to engage in acts of self-pleasure. In the United States, research has shown that approximately 80% of women aged 25 to 40 have masturbated at some point in their lives.

Yet 50% of women from 18 to 24 have admitted to masturbating at least once over the course of the previous year.


Understanding the different parts of your body and how they react to physical contact is the first step toward successful stimulation.

For women who struggle to reach orgasm, masturbating is a private and stress-free method to try different pressure and touchpoints to climax.

Regular masturbation practice also has sociological benefits for women. For example, it puts pleasure first.

Thus, self-gratification allows women to focus their energy on being independent sexual beings, challenging many concepts present in our culture.

Masturbation Freedom

Masturbation is often our first sexual experience and a natural source of pleasure that stays with us throughout our lives.

It’s rejuvenating, stimulating and enjoyable, and it increases sexual awareness. Not only is masturbation the ultimate form of safe sex, but it’s also each person’s birthright.

You are your own best lover. So masturbate freely without guilt or remorse.

Do it in May. Do it all year round with Jerkmate and never jerk off alone again!

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