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How to Naturally Grow Your Penis

How to Naturally Grow Your Penis

Published On February 27, 2020
Written by: Jerky

It’s normal for a man to worry about the size of his penis. It’s one of those things that nearly all guys, to some degree or other, are self-conscious about. This is because for thousands of years big penises have been associated with masculinity and virility. Porn movies, while highly entertaining and a great source of masturbation material, are capable of creating unreal standards for guys with an average penis size – and average is not necessarily bad. Indeed, you could do much worse than average.

Research has demonstrated that most men who worry about their penis size actually have average penile length. Regardless, guys wish for bigger cocks like women wish for bigger breasts. For some guys, it’s true, an inch or two more wouldn’t hurt. For others, however, it’s purely an ego thing: a “mine is bigger than yours” complex.

But, whichever way you want to look at it, the question of “how do I get a bigger penis?” has occupied the minds of countless men throughout history. Is it possible? Scientific research says yes, though the results may be minimal.

If you are concerned about the size of your manhood and want to learn how to naturally grow your penis, here are some methods that can help.

How to Naturally Grow Your Penis


Penis stretching refers to using your hands or devices to extend the length or girth of your penis. Common techniques include stretching exercises that create “micro-tears” that make your penis look enlarged when it recovers. Additionally, some stretching exercises claim to increase girth. While there is some evidence to indicate that stretching exercises can help your boost your overall penis size, it’s important to note that most of it is anecdotal, so take it with a grain of salt.

Do you want to naturally grow your penis? Jelqing can help.


This popular penis stretching exercise engages the entire penis, giving you extra length as well as girth. What’s more, as it forces blood into the penile region, many men have claimed it makes their penis more erectile, therefore greatly improving their sex lives.

1- Make an O shape with your thumb and index finger.

2- Place this O shape at the base of your penis.

3- Squeeze the O around your penis until you feel mild pressure.

4- Gently and slowly move the O shape up toward the tip of your penis.

5- Repeat this every day for approximately 10 minutes.


Penis stretching exercises are generally low risk, but you still want to be careful. The genitals are a sensitive area; strenuous movements should be done so cautiously. Follow our safety tips and remember to listen to your body:

  • Only stretch your penis while flaccid
  • Use lube or other water-based lubrication
  • Avoid repeating these exercises more than twice per day
  • Desist if the exercises cause pain or discomfort
  • Talk to your doctor about your penis stretching exercise

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