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The Art of Cam Sex

Master the Art of Cam Sex

Do you like to jerk off and consider masturbation a self-care necessity? We couldn’t agree more. In that spirit, we wish to share some insider tips to master the art of Cam Sex. Why is it so popular? What do Cam Girls love the most about performing for you? We answer these questions and share an exciting opportunity to enhance your experiences on Jerkmate.

Published On February 5, 2021
Written by: Jerky

Masturbation is self-care

As the popularity of live sex cams is reaching unprecedented heights, a growing amount of web users are seduced by the amazing opportunity of satisfying their sexual appetite with an online sex partner. Recent studies and articles have exposed the multiple benefits of masturbation and placed masturbation among acceptable, if not recommended, self-care practices.


“I know a lot of guys still perceive masturbation as a taboo. I think Sex Cams is an amazing way to overcome it and make a man comfortable with his sexual needs, by providing good company and sincere kindness.” - Jasmine Grey

Male erections: a common challenge

We can explain a part of this taboo with a well-known source of challenge among men: erections. Guys who are not completely satisfied with their erections and ejaculations can feel self-conscious and neglect their sexuality. But guys, there are solutions!

Every good man deserves the satisfaction of a lasting hard-on and a liberating orgasm. There are several tips and fun experiments to enhance male masturbation and enjoy extended jerk off sessions. We also make an appealing suggestion at the end of this blog post!


Having a good time with a sexy Cam Girl can be quick and easy. But having a rich sexual moment online, which can nearly be as good as physical sex, requires a real intention on both sides to explore sensations, care about one another, and reach one or several climaxes together.


“What I love the most about private shows is being able to connect with my partner and taking the time to reach climax together. The more time we spend together, the deeper is our connection and the stronger is our pleasure. Sometimes orgasms happen on both sides simultaneously, which is fantastic.” - Lala Ivey

Jerkmate offers you the hottest pornstars to play with; you decide what happens next. Interact with horny Cam Girls and treat yourself to a magical Cam Sex experience.

A new friend to help you get (and stay) hard

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