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Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes

5 Sexy Halloween costumes to spice up your night

Looking to spice up your Halloween night with the sexiest halloween costumes and roleplay characters? Let Zelda, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and sexy elf porn stars make this spooky event a night you’ll never forget!

Published On October 25, 2021
Written by: Jerky

Your personal Halloween costume party

Jerkmate is your one-stop for your very own Halloween sex party! Discover our selection of sexy Halloween costumes and pick your number one babe to make your Halloween night the hottest event of the year. So which Halloween costume’s your favorite?


Jerky’s favorite R-rated Halloween costumes

Halloween can be a spooky event, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely night. If you could pick one sexy character to please your every desire, which would it be? Discover Jerky’s picks and you’re sure to find your match for a night of filthy fun. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated; we’ll even give you suggestions on how you can bring those sexy costumes to life! If you’re wondering how to dress up for a night of spooky, filthy fun, we have just the suggestions to bring some spice to your Halloween celebration. 

We might even have the perfect suggestion for you to bring your fantasies to life even from the comfort of your own home. Jerkmate has the perfect partner to join you for a spooky night of fun!

But first, let’s pick which sexy Halloween costume is your perfect fit.



Have you been a naughty boy? Are you ready for a sweet punishment? A Dominatrix is exactly what you need to bring the heat to this night of darkness. Trust us: latex and fishnet stockings are all you need to get in the spooky Halloween mood. 

You can even use this as inspiration for your own costume! If you feel like getting naughty and teaching someone a lesson, a Dominatrix costume is exactly what you need. 

Celebrate a filthy Halloween by getting your ass spanked, your hands tied, and your every desire fulfilled. 

Looking to make your own version of this costume? Get your hands on a latex outfit, some black gloves, and a few accessories like a whip and handcuffs, and you’re good to go. 

Ready to take your Halloween night to the next level?

Sexy Elf Halloween costume

Sexy elf

Elves aren’t only for the Holidays! We love to see them get naughty on Halloween, too. If you’re looking for a bit of fantasy on your Halloween night, a sexy elf costume can be the way to go.

It’s easy to get hot and heavy with one of the naughtiest characters out there. Elves are teasing and playful, two qualities that are sure to bring the heat to your Halloween celebrations! 

Pointy ears have never been sexier. Bring a little whimsy to your night with stockings, short skirts, even maybe a pair of wings. You can never go wrong with a bit of whimsy magic on an already eerie night. 

All you need is a bit of fabric around your waist - an outfit that won’t stay on for long - a pointy hat and some elf ears, and you’re good to get down and naughty.

Ready to bring the magic to your Halloween party… and your bedroom?


naughty doctor

Your health is always the top priority! Have you been bad and naughty during the pandemic? Do you need a check-up with a sexy doctor? Tell your naughty doctor where it hurts and get her to perform the filthiest surgery you’ve ever seen. She’s sure to know how to put those talented hands and mouth to good use! 

A sexy doctor will do whatever it takes to get you back on your feet. What better way to spend Halloween night than with a sexy nurse tending to your every need?

It almost makes you want to schedule a private consultation as regularly as possible. With a simple white coat and a few accessories from your bathroom cabinet, you can get enough to resurrect the dead!

Eliza Eves Sabina Rouge adult superhero costume

Sexy superheroes

What’s hotter than getting rescued by some slutty superheroes ready to kiss your wounds better? 

Jerky’s partial to two of his favorites: Wonder Woman and Catwoman, two sexy superheroes we wouldn’t kick out of bed. Or anywhere else, for that matter. 

When taking down villains happens in the bedroom, not much is needed to bring these characters to life other than some furry cat ears and a golden tiara. 

Who wouldn’t want Wonder Woman and Catwoman to have their way with them? Let them sweep you away in a dark corner and have their sweet way with you for a spooky, sexy Halloween night.

Jewelz Blu Zelda Sexy Halloween Costume

Horny Zelda

Last but not least, we just can’t get enough of sexy Zelda costumes, and you won’t either! 

Want to spend the night with a Princess Zelda who desperately needs your help getting off? Create a Halloween celebration that’ll take you into another world. 

Are you ready to get to know Princess Zelda more intimately than ever? She knows just how to master a huge sword, and she’d love to take care of yours. Discover the big tits hidden under Zelda’s robes as she bears it all for a special Halloween night. 

To get your hands on this costume yourself, all you need is a flowy dress, a simple tiara, and maybe a big sword Princess Zelda will love to get her hands on.

Spooky has never been sexier!

Jerky celebrates Halloween

Jerkmate is the best place to get spooky with some R-rated Halloween costumes! Whatever your fantasy might be, one of our girls is eager to bring it to life. And if none of the options mentioned before are your perfect fit, discover our additional roleplay options including schoolgirl, housewife, and gamer. 

So tell us: which sexy Halloween costume will you be spending the night with?

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